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1. Customers must please be here at least 30 minutes prior to closing in order to enter the yard. SORRY, NO ADMITTANCE INTO THE YARD IN THE LAST 30 MINUTES OF BUSINESS HOURS. NO EXCEPTIONS. THANK YOU.

2. Proper footwear must be worn when entering the yard.(i.e. shoes or boots). No admittance into the yard if wearing any form of open toed footwear.(i.e. sandals, flip-flops, crocs, etc.) Thank you.

3. Bring your own tools – come prepared! Bring all the tools you need to get the job done. However for SAFETY reasons we do not allow torches, grinders, chop saws or any other tools that create sparks or flames. Your tool box is inspected by our staff for these items each time you enter our yard. We do allow and encourage you to bring portable air compressors, generators, cordless sawzalls, drills and any other tools that you will need.

4. Once you arrive to our sales office our staff will inspect your tool box, ask that you to sign a waiver before entry into the customer parts yard. At this point please ask our staff any questions that you may have. Nicklin U-Pull staff can provide you with yard layout, directions to where you can find the type of vehicle you are looking for is located, part prices, exchange warranty information, return policy guidelines, and parts interchange lists.

5. The yard is organized into four sections of vehicles: Imports (all European, Japanese, and any other non-domestically branded vehicles), General Motors, Ford and Dodge/Chrysler. The customer parts yard is the only area available for customers to pull parts. Please do not enter any fenced area as these areas are off limits and are dangerous.

6. While Pulling Parts – Please clean up after yourself. This will allow us to keep our part prices low and our facility safe. Also please ensure that you work in a safe manner as we would like you to have an enjoyable experience at our yard. Please report any vandalism, unsafe circumstances or dangerous behavior from other customers to the yard Manager immediately. In addition please keep your tools close to the area that your are working in to avoid any losses.

7. Once you have finished “Pulling Your Parts” proceed back to the sales office with all your parts and tools. In our sales office you will find a price board containing over 400 parts and their prices. The price is the same per part regardless of the vehicles age, make, model or condition. We do not negotiate on part sale prices. However we do offer the lowest prices on vehicle parts we can and we charge the same price for everyone.

8. While purchasing your parts you will receive an itemized receipt and a free 120 day exchange warranty. Our free exchange policy applies to parts that are returned to the yard with their original receipt and the corresponding markings on the part itself. At the point when the part is returned you will be offered a replacement part of the same type, and if it’s not available you will receive a credit for the value of that part, which is usable at any time at Nicklin U-Pull.


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