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Customer Pulled Parts ONLY


The prices listed below are for “Customer Pulled Parts ONLY” without any assistance from the Nicklin staff.

A/C changeover (all parts for conversion)89.990
A/C clutch14.990
A/C compressor (aluminum)24.9910
A/C compressor (cast iron)24.9910
A/C condenser19.995
A/C dryer9.990
A/C evaporator9.990
A/C hose. double9.990
A/C hose. single4.990
Air bag (each)9.990
Air cleaner housing14.990
Air cleaner top4.990
Air compressor (air suspension/misc.)14.990
Air flow meter (electronic) MASS19.9910
Antenna. Power9.990
Axle shaft (solid type)19.990
Axle. CV stub (joint)9.990
Axle. CV-type All models)19.990
Axle. CV-type. with hub and spindle44.990
Axle. front assy. complete. 4x4. P/U139.9920
Axle. front assy. w/o hubs/drums. 4x499.9920
Back Rack34.990
Backup light (clear)4.990
Ball joint4.990
Battery (used)29.9910
Battery box or tray4.990
Beauty ring4.990
Bell housing24.990
Belt Tensioner9.990
Body control module (BCM)19.990
Booster cable9.990
Box liner. P/U truck24.990
Brake backing plate4.990
Brake cable (emergency) -Each-4.990
Brake cable (emergency with pedal/handle)14.990
Brake caliper w/o brake pads9.9910
Brake controller (ABS)24.990
Brake drum 9.990
Brake line or hose - Each -2.490
Brake master cylinder9.990
Brake master cylinder and booster24.990
Brake pedal and clutch assembly14.990
Brake power or hydro booster14.990
Brake proportioning valve9.990
Brake rotor w/o hub9.990
Brake rotor with hub14.990
Brake sensor. ABS4.990
Brake wheel cylinder2.490
Bumper bracket4.990
Bumper cover (plastic or rubber) -Bare-34.990
Bumper end/valance4.990
Bumper guard4.990
Bumper reinforcement9.990
Bumper shock absorber4.990
Bumper (complete) w/o upper grilles -Trucks, Vans & Cars FWD 49.990
Bumper (complete) -Trucks, Vans & Cars RWD)49.990
Camshaft (bare)14.990
Camshaft (overhead-type assembly)14.990
Canopy/cap (truck)34.990
Caps (oil/gas/water)2.490
Carburetor throttle cable4.990
Carburetor (1-barrel)19.990
Carburetor (2-barrel)19.990
Carburetor (4-barrel)19.990
Carburetor (fuel injector - throttle body)19.990
Carpet (large - over 3 ft.)9.990
Carpet (small - under 3 ft.)4.990
Catalytic Converter (Not Available)Not AvailableNot Available
Center cap (wheel)4.990
Clutch cable9.990
Clutch cover (pressure plate)9.990
Clutch disc9.990
Clutch equalizer arm4.990
Clutch fork4.990
Clutch master cylinder9.990
Clutch slave cylinder9.990
Coil and ignitor combo (single)9.990
Coil Pack Assembly with Ignition Module19.990
Cold Air Intake Tube & Filter14.990
Compact spare wheel (alloy type)24.9910
Compact spare wheel (steel type)9.990
Computer brain box19.9910
Console cover4.990
Console centre floor (Any size)14.990
Console overhead9.990
Control arm (upper or lower)19.990
Convertible top motor19.990
Convertible top w/o rams w/o motor29.990
Convertible top with rams & motor49.990
Cross member (Any size) -Each-14.990
Cruise control lever/combination switch19.990
Cruise control module14.990
Cup holder4.990
Cylinder Head (aluminium)24.990
Cylinder Head (cast iron)24.990
Dash assembly. complete (no radio or speedo cluster)39.990
Dash pad14.990
Dimmer switch2.490
Dipstick or tube2.490
Distributor (electronic)19.990
Distributor (non-electronic)9.990
Distributor cap (regular)4.990
Distributor cap - HEI with coil4.990
Distributor module9.990
Dome light assembly4.990
Door assembly with hinges (complete) -Front or Rear-49.990
Door handle. exterior9.990
Door handle. interior4.990
Door hinge4.990
Door latch assembly w/o solenoid9.990
Door latch assembly with solenoid9.990
Door lock cylinder (No keys)2.490
Door panel (w/o power switches)9.990
Door rubber or seal -Each-4.990
Drag link (centre rod)14.990
Drive shaft - 1 piece19.990
Drive shaft - 2 piece19.990
Drive shaft carrier bearing9.990
Driving light4.990
DVD player (Separate from radio)14.990
DVD screen (Separate from radio)14.990
EGR valve (double)9.990
EGR valve (single)9.990
Electronic control module (ECM)19.9910
Electronic ignition box9.990
Emergency brake lever9.990
Engine block with heads (long block)199.9950
Engine cover. interior (van)14.990
Engine cross member14.990
Engine shock damper4.990
Engine short block (w/o heads or accessories)99.9950
Engine. bare (w/o ign.. alt. a/c or p/s)199.9950
Engine. complete249.9950
Evaporator Canister9.990
Exhaust manifold14.990
Exhaust manifold (header type)14.990
Exhaust pipe (Y type)9.990
Exhaust pipe or tailpipe4.990
Exhaust Resonator4.990
Fan blade w/o clutch4.990
Fan blade with clutch9.990
Fender extension (front or rear)4.990
Fender skirt9.990
Floor mat -Each-2.490
Flywheel cover4.990
Fog lamp (each)9.990
Fog light switch4.990
Frame. Engine cradle (FWD)34.990
Frame. full (bare)174.990
Frame. Sub- (bare)69.990
Frame. Sub- with complete susp. and steering124.990
Front end assembly with radiator and bumper199.990
Fuel injection distributor14.990
Fuel injector (each)9.990
Fuel pump. electric19.990
Fuel pump. mechanical4.990
Fuel tank filler door4.990
Fuel tank filler neck9.990
Fuel tank sender9.990
Fuel tank sender with pump19.990
Fuel tank switching unit. dual4.990
Fuel tank. punctured4.990
Fuse box (bare)19.990
Fuse box with harness24.990
Gauge. single (volt.. temp.. press.. fuel)4.990
Glass. Door (bare)19.990
Glass. Quarter (opera window)14.990
Glass. Rear24.990
Glass. Sliding window. truck/van24.990
Glass. Vent9.990
Glass. Windshield29.990
Glove compartment door4.990
Glove compartment latch4.990
Glove compartment. complete9.990
Glow plug - Each -2.490
Grill. metal (bare)19.990
Grill. plastic (bare)19.990
Harmonic balancer9.990
Hatch or hood shock4.990
Hatch with or without glass59.990
Head liner9.990
Header panel. fiberglass or rubber (bare)24.990
Header panel. steel (bare)24.990
Headlight assembly. flip-up (with motor)19.990
Headlight assembly. flip-up (w/o motor)14.990
Headlight cover (pop-up)9.990
Headlight door (each)4.990
Headlight motor9.990
Headlight switch9.990
Headlight. composite halogen type19.990
Headlight. HID/XENON type w/module39.990
Headlight HID module only9.990
Headlight. sealed beam4.990
Heater control cable4.990
Heater control panel19.990
Heater control panel with Radio29.990
Heater control valve4.990
Heater core9.990
Heater housing (Complete with heater core, evap core & heater motor)39.990
Heater housing (exterior) -Bare-9.990
Heater housing (interior) -Bare-9.990
Heater motor and fan14.990
Heater resistor coil9.990
Hood bug deflector4.990
Hood hinge (each)9.990
Hood latch assembly9.990
Hood ornament or emblem4.990
Hood release cable4.990
Hood scoop. bolt-on9.990
Hood w/o hinges49.990
Hub cap4.990
Hub W/Spindle Fwd19.990
Idler Arm9.990
Ignition Module - Computerized9.990
Ignition Module - Standard4.990
Ignition Switch (No keys)9.990
Injector Rail (Complete with Injectors)49.990
Injector Rail (No Injectors)9.990
Inner Fender - Plastic9.990
Inner Fender - Steel9.990
Instrument Cluster Assembly24.990
Intake Manifold14.990
Jack (Bumper or Frame)9.990
Jack (Hydraulic Type)9.990
Key Fob9.990
Kick Panel9.990
Ladder Rack49.990
License Plate Bracket Assembly4.990
Louvers Each4.990
Lug Wrench2.490
Mirror - Door Outside - Electric14.990
Mirror - Door Outside - Manual9.990
Mirror -Outer - (Lens Only)9.990
Mirror - Rear View (w/o compass,garage remote)4.990
Mirror - Rear View (with compass,dimmer,garage remote)9.990
Motor Mount4.990
Moulding 4.99-9.990
Mud Flaps - Each -2.490
Muffler & Exhaust Pipe Combo19.990
Oil Filter Housing4.990
Oil Pan19.990
Oil Pump9.990
Park / Turnlight Assy.14.990
Parklight Lens4.990
Pedal (Brake/Clutch) Assembly14.990
Pedal - Gas / Clutch / Brake-Single4.990
Pedal - Gas - (Electric)9.990
Piston and Rod9.990
Pitman Arm4.990
Power Steering Gearbox Electric49.995
Power Steering Hose (Pressure)4.990
Power Steering Hose (Return)2.490
Power Steering Pump24.990
Power Steering Pump Reservoir9.990
Pully W/ Tension Arm9.990
Push Bar19.990
Quarter Panel64.990
Quarter Panel Extension14.990
Quarter Trim Panel - Interior9.990
Rack & Pinion Steering (Manual)19.9910
Rack & Pinion Steering (Power)24.9910
Radiator (W/O Shroud)19.9910
Radiator Fan Electric (Assy. W/Dual Fan)24.990
Radiator Fan Electric (Assy. W/Single Fan)19.990
Radiator Fan Shroud - All4.990
Radiator Hose4.990
Radiator Over Flow Bottle9.990
Radiator Support39.990
Radio - Faceplate9.990
Radio - With CD19.990
Radio-Without CD14.990
Radio - With Heater Controls29.990
Rear Axle Assy. - Fwd Only - W/O Brakes39.990
Rear Axle Complete Fwd W/Brakes (Loaded Beam)59.990
Rear End (Disc Brake Type Complete) W/O Calipers99.9920
Rear End Carrier Assembly39.990
Rear End Cover 4.990
Rear End Housing29.990
Rear End Independent Susp Style Assy.149.990
Rear End Pinion Gear19.990
Rear End Ring Gear19.990
Rear End Spyder Gear (Each)9.990
Rear End W/Drums99.9920
Rear Knee Assembly (Fwd) W/O Axles34.9920
Rear Window Defrost Motor9.990
Rocker Arm Assembly9.990
Rocker Panel34.990
Roll Bar19.990
Roof - Fiberglass79.990
Roof - Steel49.990
Roof Rack - Luggage -Ski - Bike19.990
Running Board - Each9.990
Seat - Bench W/Tracks (Manual)29.990
Seat - Bucket (Each) W/Track (Power)24.990
Seat - Bucket (Each) W/Tracks (Manual)19.990
Seat - Rear (Each Section)9.990
Seat Belt - Per Person (Any)9.990
Seat Motor9.990
Seat Pedestal (Each)4.990
Seat Track Elec. W/Motor Each19.990
Seat Tracks (Each Seat)9.990
Sending Unit (Oil or Water)2.490
Sensor - Coolant Temp/Electric Fan2.490
Sensor - M.A.P.9.990
Sensor - Mass Air Flow19.9910
Sensor - Misc.4.990
Sensor - Oxygen4.990
Sensor - TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)9.990
Serpentine Belt2.490
Shock Absorber (Air)9.990
Shock Absorber (Regular)4.990
Sidelight Lens4.990
Sill Plate4.990
Smog Canister9.990
Smog Pump - Bare (No Brackets)9.990
Solenoid (Str - Door Lock - Trunk Lock)4.990
Spare Tire Carrier9.990
Spare Tire Cover ( in trunk)4.990
Speaker Box W/O Speakers4.990
Speedometer Cable4.990
Spoilers - Bolt On (Each)19.990
Spring - Coil Type9.990
Spring - Leaf Type24.990
Starter Solenoid4.990
Steering Box W/Pitman Arm19.9910
Steering Column - W/O Tilt W/Wheel29.990
Steering Column - W/Tilt W/Wheel29.990
Steering Control Valve14.990
Steering Coupler4.990
Steering Sector Shaft4.990
Steering Wheel (No Airbag)9.990
Strut Mcpherson Assy. W/O Spindle/Hub/Rotor19.990
Strut Mcpherson Assy. W/Spindle39.990
Strut Mcpherson Assy. W/Spindle/Hub/Rotor39.990
Sun Roof Assy. Complete No Motor19.990
Sun Roof Glass Only14.990
Sun Visor (Regular) Each4.990
SunRoof Assy. Complete with motor34.990
Sway Bar9.990
Switch Headlight / Wiper Combination switch19.990
Switch Seat (Power)4.990
T-Top (Each)19.990
Tailgate - Truck49.990
Tail Light Circuit Panel9.990
Tail Light Dual Sides (inner only)9.990
Tail Light Single side or Outer (Each)19.990
Tailgate Strap or Hinge -Each-4.990
Thermostat Housing4.990
Tie Rod Assy (Each)4.990
Tie Rod End2.490
Timing Chain4.990
Timing Gear4.990
Timing Gear Cover9.990
Tires contact office for current pricing0
ToolBoxes / Truck29.990
Torque Converter14.990
Torsion Bar9.990
Tow Hooks4.990
Trailer Draw Bar4.990
Trailer Hitch Ball2.490
Trailer Hitch Reciever W/O Draw Bar19.990
Trailing Arm14.990
Trans Cooling Lines (Each)4.990
Trans Dipstick2.490
Trans Filler Tube2.490
Trans Floor Shifter14.990
Trans Floor Shifter Cable4.990
Trans Kick-Down Linkage4.990
Trans Mount4.990
Trans Oil Cooler9.990
Trans Shifter Arm4.990
Trans Shifter Boot4.990
Trans Shifter Collar (on Collum)14.990
Trans Shifter Console9.990
Trans Tail Housing19.990
Transaxle (Automatic)99.9925
Transaxle (Standard)99.9925
Transfer Case 4X499.9925
Transfer Case Shift Motor 4x419.990
Transmission Cover/Shield4.990
Transmission Crossmember9.990
Transmission Rwd (Automatic)99.9925
Transmission Rwd (Standard)99.9925
Truck Box W/O Gate149.990
Truck Cab Complete W/Doors249.990
Truck Cab W/O Doors199.990
Truck Tonneau Cover - Fiberglass34.990
Truck Tonneau Cover - Material34.990
Trunk Lid (No Glass)49.990
Trunk Lid Hinge (Each)9.990
Trunk Lid Latch assembly (Electric)9.990
Trunk Lid Latch Assembly (Manual)9.990
Turn Signal Housing14.990
Turn Signal Switch (Combo)19.990
Vaccum Pump19.990
Valve Cover Aluminum9.990
Valve Cover or Valley Pan (Steel)9.990
Vent Panel (Cowl)9.990
Vent-A/C Heater (Inside)2.490
Water Pump9.990
Weatherstrip (Per door/trunk)4.990
Wheel (Alloy) -Each-49.99 & Up (Call for current pricing)25
Wheel (Steel) -Each-19.99 & Up (Call for current pricing)0
Window Crank Handle Inside2.490
Window Motor14.990
Window Regulator W/Motor29.990
Window Regulator W/O Motor14.990
Window Switch (Multiple)14.990
Window Switch (Single)4.990
Windshield Rubber4.990
Windshield Washer - Bottle Motor4.990
Windshield Washer Bottle W/Motor14.990
Windshield Washer Bottle9.990
Windshield Washer Fluid (Per Bottle) -Reclaimed-0.990
Windshield Wiper Arms Each4.990
Windshield Wiper Linkage Assy.9.990
Windshield Wiper Motor19.990
Yoke-Drive Shaft4.990
Yoke-Rear End4.990

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